Suzie Jones Consultancy - Breaking the communication barrier


A course held in North Wales:
"May I just say a huge 'thank you' on behalf of the dental postgraduate department for coming with David and Lettie to present this training day. It was one of the most useful courses I've ever attended. You achieved an excellent speaker score and stimulated the audience to produce an unusually high number of comments, all positive.

On a personal note may I add that I found the day extremely informative and you to be an inspirational speaker and an excellent communicator. When I got home and talked about the course with my children (16 and 13) I discovered that they had already been taught the finger spelling alphabet both at school and at Guides, and we've now all taught my partner. I also found the advice to rephrase and write things down to assist with lip reading/lip speaking very helpful, as well as the insights into what hearing aids do (and don't do)!

• Finger spelling, lip reading and how to communicate better.
• Realising that wearing a hearing aid doesn't give the wearer total hearing and learning the alphabet in hand signs.
• All of the course - it has made me think about my approach for deaf awareness: excellent course.
• The speaker experiencing deafness first hand rather than giving us second hand information. Excellent humourous course leaders who effortlessly broke down any potential barriers and provided a hugely useful, educational and inspiring day.
• Excellent speaker and content, with participation and appreciation from deaf person's perspective."

A course held in Leeds:
"• Really good course, great speakers.... thank you
• The use of individuals who were actually deaf gave the course far more relevance and meaning. great course, great couple, really enjoyed it, thank you
• Two people who really put their heart and soul into everything they do.
• I already make some allowances for my hard of hearing & deaf patients but this course has given more confidence to try lip-speaking & finger spelling & I intend to use this in all my daily activities as well as work.
• The most useful aspect of the course was the presenters one profoundly deaf & the other hard of hearing so a personal insight to their daily lives was very useful & inspiring, it was reassuring that I'm already meeting the needs of my patients but as I said before the day gave me extra skills & confidence
• Brilliant course I learnt a lot and it completely changed my perception of the deaf
• A very informative course and the fact that it was presented by people who had hearing impairment and therefore understood first hand from the personal aspect what the difficulties are for patients was an added bonus.
• The suggestion of using a mobile phone to contact patients who's appointments had to be cancelled at short notice was very helpful.
• Will suggest a text service available
• I will encourage other members of staff to go on the course
• The speakers were excellent, thoroughly enjoyed the course, it will change my practice for the better, Thank you."

Kirkham Princes Trust and Lancs Fire and Rescue:
"This course will definitely help me as a future social worker and it made me think the terminology I should be using when writing a report as well as communicating with someone that finds it difficult to hear. Taught me that it is important to treat people as an individual and not to generalise".

"I enjoyed practising lipreading and realising how many different things can affect your ability to understand"

"Heightened my awareness of how I can improve my communication"

"All very informative and open - made me more aware of importance of protecting my own hearing and how to act around deaf people who are HOH. I will be recommending this course".

"There are different forms and types of deafness (Deaf and deaf)".

"Excellent, informative course. Really fun and learned a lot. Thank you Suzie J ".

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