Suzie Jones Consultancy - Breaking the communication barrier

What we do:
Accredited and bespoke training courses in:
• Deaf Awareness
• Deafblind communication and guiding
• Deaf communication and mental health
• Use of technical aids (including hearing aids and TextRelay)
• Disability Equality, Rights and Responsibilities
• Models of disability

Our aims are:
To educate to create a fairer society for all deaf and deafblind people. By doing this we will:

Create a culture of continuing education in the community, public authorities, charitable organisations and private enterprises that will result in less stereotyping, discrimination and empower deaf and deafblind people to live more independently.

Who are you?
• Are you deaf or deafblind and want to know about your rights?
• Are you a friend or relative of a deaf or deafblind person and want to know how to make life easier?
• Are you a business owner and want to make it accessible to deaf and deafblind people?
• Are you an employer or someone who works with deaf people?
• Are you a carer, either in a care home capacity or a volunteer working with older people?

Do you want to:
• Know more about your legal duties when working with deaf and/or disabled people?
• Know how to communicate with a wide range of deaf and deafblind people who may or may not use BSL?
• Make your business disability-friendly and tap into a hidden market?
• Learn about deaf culture and what it really means?
• Consider becoming a communication professional working with Deaf or Deafblind people?

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